Valery Polyansky
Artistic director and chief conductor
People's Artist of Russia, laureate of state prizes

Valery Polyansky - musician multifaceted talent, high culture, profound erudition. His conductor's charisma is equally evident in the field of choral art, and for remote control Symphony Orchestra, and creative pursuits brilliantly realized in a variety of genres - be it opera, works for chorus a cappella, monumental cantata and oratorio works, symphonies, modern works.

Valery Polyansky was born in 1949 in Moscow. His vocation was defined very early: ending music school, he was 13 years old already conducted the choir. This was followed by years of study in E. Zvereva in the School of the Moscow Conservatory, V. Polyansky which ends in three years; in Moscow State Conservatory, the young musician was engaged simultaneously in two faculties: the conducting and choral (class of Professor Boris Kulikov) and opera and symphony conducting (class of O. Dimitriadi).

In graduate school, fate brought VK Polyansky with Gennady Rozhdestvensky, who had a great influence on the further creative activity of the young conductor.

An important milestone in the life of Valery Polyansky began in 1971 when he founded the Chamber Choir of the students of the Moscow Conservatory, and became the conductor of the Moscow Operetta Theater.

In 1975 in Italy, the largest international competition "Guido d'Arezzo" Valery Polyansky and his Chamber Choir became clear winner. For the first time a choir from Russia got the gold medal in the category "Academic singing", also awarded the "Golden Bell" - the symbol of the best choir of the contest. Valery Polyansky was awarded a special prize as the best conductor of the competition. The Italians then wrote about Vladimir Polyansky: "It is true Karajan choral conducting with a very colorful and flexible musicianship."

In 1977, V. Polyansky, leaving the choir, became the conductor of the Bolshoi Theater, where, in part, including with Gennady Rozhdestvensky staged Shostakovich's opera "Katerina Ismailova" leads other performances.

In the same period begins cooperation with the Union of Composers: Valery Polyansky tackles the development of new scores, it becomes a permanent participant of the Festival of Contemporary Music "Moscow Autumn". He dedicates his works to the best Russian composers - N. Sidelnikov, E. Denisov, A. Schnittke, Gubaidulina S., D. Krivitsky, A. Vieru.

... It is necessary that the work sounded today. We live in a world that is full of a wide variety of emotional colors, emotional moods, feelings, passions confrontation. All this is reflected somehow in the richest treasury of world music, it should be represented on a modern concert stage. Supporting contemporary composers - is our duty
Valerij Polyanskij

Head of the State Chamber Choir, Polyansky parallel cooperated with the leading symphony orchestras in Russia and abroad, has repeatedly played with orchestras of Belarus, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Holland, USA, Taiwan, Turkey. They staged Tchaikovsky's opera "Eugene Onegin" in musical theater Gothenburg (Sweden), for several years he was the principal conductor of the Festival "Opera Nights" in Gothenburg.

Since 1992, Valery Polyansky - artistic director and chief conductor of the State Symphony Capella of Russia.

The conductor performed about 100 entries in the major record companies, both abroad and in Russia. Among them - the works of Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Glazunov, Scriabin, Bruckner, Dvorak, Reger, Szymanowski, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Schnittke (Eighth Symphony Schnittke, released by the British Shandos records in 2001, recognized as the best recording of the year). We can not say on the record all choral concerts of famous Russian composer Dmitry Bortniansky and the revival of music A. Gretchaninov nearly not to perform in Russia.

The conductor is also one of the best interpreters of Rachmaninoff's legacy in his discography - all the symphonies, his operas in concert, all choral compositions. Valery Polyansky - President of the Rachmaninov Society, head of the International Piano Competition Rachmaninov.

photo It is true Karajan choral conducting with a very colorful and flexible musicianship.

Currently, attention is given to the conductor G. Mahler: Goskapelly forces for the first time in Russia carried out a unique cycle of "Gustav Mahler and his time" for up to several years. And in parallel, towards the anniversary of Tchaikovsky, it is planned execution of all symphonies and sacred music composer.

Among the limitless repertoire Goskapelly 2000 stands out clearly the attraction to the genre of opera in concert performance. To date, V. Polyansky performed 30 operas. This - and the Russian classics (Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Gretchaninov) and foreign authors, especially Verdi Maestro for several consecutive seasons devotes special passes. Goskapella introduced about 10 Verdi's masterpieces, including the opera "Luisa Miller", "Il Trovatore," "Rigoletto", "The Force of Destiny", "Falstaff," "Macbeth." On the 200th anniversary of Verdi's historic Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Polyansky with Goskapelloy he held a gala concert "Viva, Verdi", including fragments of 13 operas and "Requiem" by composer.

Continuing in the field of contemporary conductor of the score, they carried out a number of Russian and world premieres, among them: "Gesualdo" Alfred Schnittke (2000), "The Last Days of Pushkin" Nikolaev (2007), "The Legend of the city of Yelets, and the Virgin Mary Tamerlane "A. Tchaikovsky (2011)," Albert and Giselle "Zhurbin A. (2012), the oratorio" State affair "A. Tchaikovsky (2013).

Valery Polyansky seeks to present the opera in a historically accurate interpretation, uses the original author's edition, attracted to the implementation of operas in concert Goskapelly musicians and singers famous leading Russian theaters. Cooperation with Capella allowed many singers creatively realize themselves in operas that are not in the poster of theaters, and thus to expand and enrich its repertoire. Polyansky managed to assemble a team of like-minded people to develop their own original style in the treatment of forms of concert performance of the opera.

The contribution of the conductor in musical culture marked by high state awards. Valery Polyansky - People's Artist of Russia (1996), winner of the State Prize of Russia (1994, 2010), Commander of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland» IV degree (2007).